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The Polo Shop is now stocking essential Arena Polo Gear:

Fibercane_Arena_Polo_Mallet__George WoodArena Polo Mallets by George Wood

These mallets have the standard head size so can also be used for grass polo with resin balls.

This Fibercane mallet is the most popular composite polo mallet in the world and the way of the future as they offer huge advantages over other mallets having been specifically designed to reduce the vibration and jarring in the arm. Composites are so much stronger and lighter than organic materials and the latest shafts are better than canes in every physical aspect and are now painted a distinctive cane colour to keep the traditional look.  

MacWet  Aquatech Gloves

The second skin feel that the gloves give aids their performance and gives confidence as they know that their hands will not slip on the reins in wet or dry conditions. In fact, if the palms of the hands become sweaty, the moisture is wicked away and actually serves to improve grip. You can even can tack up whilst wearing them on and the grip is phenomenal.

Polo Player George Meyrick gives MacWet gloves the thumbs up:  Read about his rave review in the MacWet blog Let’s Play Polo 

MacWet_Long_Aquatec_Gloves_The Aquatec range increases grip in wet and humid conditions.

  • Easily washable!
  • No.1 equestrian glove in the UK
  • Unrivalled gripping performance in all weather conditions and superb comfort
  • Second skin fit with 2 ranges to choose from:  the cooler Micromesh or the warmer Climatec®
  • MacWets are touch sensitive to use with iPhones, iIPads,and cameras.

Polo Whites

The Most comfortable polo whites available at an extremely affordable price, now £10 off until 31 December 2014

Base Layers

Skins keep you warm and dry through the chilly weather whether you are polo-ing or not! With Cooltex® technology to regulate body temperature and a moisture management finish plus flatlock stitching on all seams.

Face Guard

This lightweight face guard from renowned English manufacturer Charles Owen is made from a superb rust proof alloy to offer protection from direct facial impact from polo balls and sticks whilst reducing any impact injuries.

Charles Owen Lightweight POLO FACE GUARD compatible with Palermo Polo Helmets & Young Rider Polo Helmets