The club was founded in 2002 by Duane & Sallie Anne Lent. 

In 2017 after 15 years of successfully introducing many new players and sponsors to the sport the club changed direction and now focuses on delivering high standards of livery and young horse development.

We welcome new members looking for livery and informal club chukkas. We also offer transportation to those looking to play at Cowdray Park at the weekends.  The clubs training facilities include a full size polo pitch and stick and ball ground plus 70 acres of grazing. In the winter an all-weather arena and horse walker to keep horse and riders fit. Sussex Polo offers affordable livery and transportation without compromising professional standards.

“and I whispered to my horse: trust no one in whose eye you dont see yourself reflected as an equal”


Sussex Polo offers fun and affordable polo without compromising professional standards.


Membership Prices

ALL YEAR Full Playing membership summer & winter* inclusive £750 + HPA ¹
Winter Arena Membership £350 + HPA ¹
Instructional or U21s Membership £250 + HPA ¹
Summer OSP Professional (2 goal +) £200 + HPA ²
Summer UK Professional (1 goal +) £200 + HPA ¹

*All year round membership does not include the additional HPA winter extension fee, currently priced at £70 for paid up outdoor summer members over 18.

HPA Subscription

All playing members are required to be a member of the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA). The HPA fee indemnifies individual HPA members for damage or injury caused to third parties for which they are held liable at law.

¹ Full Membership (summer only) £150.00
² Overseas Resident Membership £300.00
³ Junior Associate Membership (18 and under) £65.00

NEXT STEPS: Zero to Hero

Steps Guide to Learning Polo Membership
Step 1 Learn to Play Polo Lesson None

A comprehensive 1½ hour Introduction to Polo lesson which covers:

  • Theory & Safety: Learn the basic rules
  • Polo Swing using Short Sticks: Learn the polo swing and practice the four basic polo strokes under the careful watch of our qualified HPA club instructor
  • Polo Riding: Using very quiet, safe horses geared to your riding experience, learn to move, stop and turn your polo pony.
  • ‘Stick & Ball’ Practise: Hitting the ball under instruction whilst mounted.
Step 2 Coaching Tuition None

Develop the correct techniques to enhance your individual performance. Identify your strengths and weaknesses with your qualified HPA club instructor in private or group lessons and as you progress you can move onto Step 3 to experience the thrill of your first slow Instructional Chukkas.

Step 3 County Polo & Instructional Chukkas S-Membership

Once you have the basics, enjoy playing competitive polo and improve your polo skills:  Learn about the objectives and rules of the game in a safe controlled environment in Instructional Chukkas. Take part with other players of your level in these supervised chukkas on Tuesdays and Thursdays and selected weekends which expand on the tactics and safety of the game. From here, progress to the faster 3-a-side matches which will be the first steps to achieving your first official handicap.   County Polo is non-professional polo and the highest handicap for matches is -2 Goal.

Step 4 Club Chukkas & Novice Tournaments to -2 Less Than Zero

Advance  from the slower instructional chukkas to the faster club chukkas held Wednesdays and weekends and from here you can move on to take part in the any of the many tournaments under zero goal held regularly throughout the season.  In particular, the 3-a-Side matches are designed to be a building block for advancing players to gain experience playing alongside a professional player, and to help bridge the gap from County Polo to tournament polo on a full-sized field. -1 and 0 goal handicapped players may also participate in County Polo matches.

Step 5 Club Chukkas & Tournaments 0+ Full

Enjoy the thrill of the King of Games in regular weekly club chukkas (Wednesday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings) or the excitement of receiving your prize in a line up at the end of your first ever polo tournament held at weekends. Tournaments are held at varying levels of play to suit your ability.