Public Admissions

We had a lovely time today at the club today. Unfortunately we could not spend too long as we had other commitments but will definitely be attending again. Who was it that arrived in their helicopter, very impressive! My boys are mad about horses and loved the close proximity to the action.

The club hosts sponsored tournaments every weekend from May to September. Spectators are welcome to the Sunday afternoon polo match finals, entrance is often free apart from occasional charity days when entrance fees range from £5 -£10 per car. There is a licensed bar serving champagne, wine and beer. On-site catering is available or guests may prefer to bring their own picnics.

Social membership
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The Role of the Spectator
 There’s more to attending a polo match than just watching the game!

Active participation is a necessity in polo, which is why total awareness is key and why many come equipped with refreshments to have at hand in case of becoming hot and bothered by the excitement of the game. On arrival, beware of the temptation to park too close to the field. Balls, as well as horses, are known to tear into the safety zone and not until you are parked at least as far as ten yards away can you guarantee on feeling safe from being trampled on. You want to be able to have your mind solely focused on the polo game , as opposed to worrying about the safety of your car.

The most uniquely interactive part of polo for spectators is where they themselves come onto the field to “stomp the divots”. Here, the onlookers are invited to help flatten the surface of the field during the break after the third and sixth chukkas. The idea is to eliminate unwanted clumps of earth by treading them back into the ground… this makes the ball roll faster and ultimately results in faster, more fluid polo.  What better than hearing the thunder of hooves galloping past whilst you help yourself to another sandwich and admire the well-muscled ‘gluteus maximi’ covered in traditional uniform of white jeans heading away down to goal…

Although there will always be plenty of chances to be filled-in on the details of the game by any of the officials or players , bear in mind the number of goals scored by each player and don’t forget that the teams switch ends after each goal – which is hard to remember sometimes after one too many champagnes!

Don’t forget too that players respond well to an enthusiastic audience and always appreciate a vocal crowd, especially when it comes to the main prize giving when we invite you to join us at the centre line (by the clubhouse) to cheer the winners receiving their prizes and take photographs.  If you have a pen handy, then no self-respecting polo pro is going to turn down a request for an autograph!

What to wear – no need for a wardrobe crisis!
We say comfy casual!  Remember that you are on a grass surface to high heels can be a little tricky.  The English summer is notoriously changeable so bring everything from suntan lotion to fleecy layers.

See our Rules of Polo for more information about the game itself.

Gourmet Picnic Service

We also offer a bespoke gourmet picnic service for groups of 8 and over. Please note that all dogs must be kept on a lead. For picnic service enquires and match times please call the polo office on 01342 714920.

This was only my second visit to your fabulous polo grounds. Unfortunately I work quite often at weekends, so can’t get over as much as I would like. But when I do, what a treat! Riders and horses so brave and skilful. I brought a friend along, who like me, very new to polo but both of us ride and have a great love of horses. She and I had a truly lovely time.
The noticeable thing is just how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Needless to say we will be coming again when time permits!

Entry to the farm

Please note that this is a working farm so please drive slowly through and the polo fields.

Photographic Consent

By attending the event, every guest agrees without formality, to being photographed and/or recorded by film, video, television cameras and sound equipment at all times when they are present at any event relating to the tournament wherever such events take place and to surrender all rights in respect of such photographs and recordings.  Images may be used in local or national newspapers, magazines, televised news programmes and for promotions on  Sussex Polo’s website