Field of Dreams

The Creation of Sussex Polo

(An excerpt taken from an Article written for the Hurlingham Magazine in 2009)

“If you are thinking of starting a polo club, a few words of advice:  it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Firstly you will need deep pockets for many reasons but one that springs to mind is pony welfare. It’s vital and you can’t look after ponies on a shoestring budget. You will also need a network of dedicated staff plus one that will work 24/7 spending many hours ploughing through the endless, yet important, mind-numbing paperwork involved with work permits, public liability insurance, health and safety and employment law that they can only glance out of the window at their beloved polo ponies as they are often too busy to actually ride them. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, take up lap dancing as there is no easy money to be made in polo. Only start a polo club for the love of the sport and the ponies, you have been warned…!”

Read about how Sussex Polo became the real-life dream for owners Sallie Anne and Duane Lent in the published article Field of Dreams.