Chukkas & County Polo


Club Chukkas*
Thursday – from 5:30 pm
Selected Saturday & Sunday afternoons

Whites are to be worn for all weekday and weekend chukkas.

*Subject to minimum 6 members participating & light dependent

Chukka Booking Times

To book for Chukkas please e-mail your booking on or call the dedicated chukka booking line on 01342 719292.

Thursday evening chukkas must be booked by 10:00 am of that day.
Saturday chukkas must be booked by 12 noon Friday.
Sunday chukkas to be booked by 12 noon Saturday.

About County Polo

Polo is often regarded as a “rich man’s sport”, and, indeed, like any sport, there is a lot of money involved at the “top end”.  However, what people don’t realise is that it is not expensive to get started and to play at the “grass roots” level.

The original County Polo Association was formed in 1898 to look after the interests of the country clubs and to run the County Cup Tournaments.

Today, with most clubs, players need to become members, and invest in at least two ponies to be able to play “standard” club chukkas.  It is usual to play four back-to-back chukkas using each pony for two chukkas alternately, so that they each play, then rest and then play again.

For many people, this is a big leap to take as an initial step when they are just taking up a new sport, and this is where County Polo comes in. It is a wonderful initiative, using the concept of a sound, teaching format, and requiring players to use only one pony, which may be hired, or owned. It is usually played with ‘three-a-side  – as opposed to the standard four-player polo – and therefore allows each player to get more involved and develop.
The County Polo chukkas are run by a qualified HPA  mounted instructor/umpire, who will coach and explain throughout the chukka.

With this format, including shorter chukkas, with breaks in between, the ponies are not getting over tired, so there is no need for such a large “string”. Players may well continue to play polo at this level for many happy years, or players with more ambition will benefit from the tuition as they move onto more competitive polo.

County Polo is best complimented with regular stick-and-ball sessions, and regular wooden horse practice.

Sussex County Polo is played three-a-side on a smaller, boarded ground, with the highest handicapped player at zero.